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TicKit Prepaid Tick Testing


Tick testing has just gotten cheaper and more convenient than ever! Prior testing options could cost hundreds of dollars for each tick you tested and you had to find a clinic or government agency willing to order the test.  Now, you can do it from the convenience of your home, while on vacation or anywhere you find yourself having been bit by a tick. You can even send these easy to use kits to summer camp with your kids giving you a bit more peace of mind while they are away from home.   You simply collect the tick, follow the instructions on freezing the tick, then place it in the kit and mail it off.  It's that easy.


** Please note, false negatives are still possible as with any testing of a tick and any known tick bite should be followed up on with your lyme literate doctor. 



Call 415.484.1240 ext 102 to order your TicKit today


Cost:  $40.00 USD  plus tax and shipping


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