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Specialty Lab Kits

If you have received a specialty lab kit in the mail, please follow the instructions for collection included inside each kit or click on the PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS link to find your test kit instructions.  Some specialty lab kits require a blood draw.  We recommend using the Open Medicine Institute.


Please call ahead to your desired Open Medicine location to inquire about making an appointment, fees, and kits that can be drawn there as well as any instructions they may have for you. Please follow the link below to find the nearest Open Medicine draw site.

Alternatively, you may arrange for one of your other care providers to perform the blood draw, or have a mobile blood draw unit come to your home.    If you are interested in the mobile phlebotomy service, please follow the link below or search the web for an alternative provider.

** Please check the OPEN MEDICINE INSTITUTE DRAW SCHEDULE to find out the days and times your specific specialty kit & routine blood tests can be drawn.

Specialty Lab Kits Requests

If you are an existing patient and you need to place an order for a specialty lab kit to be sent to you, please click the button below and complete the kit request form.  Please note that kits ordered through our office can incur shipping/handling fees. Kits shipped directly to you from the lab do not incur shipping fees.  To avoid any handling fees you may also arrange with our front desk to have your kit picked up at our office for free on a Tuesday during normal in-office hours.

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