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Office Closure Notice

Dear Focus Health Patients,

Over the past 11 years since starting FOCUS Health Group, it has been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of your care team. It has come time for new ventures in our lives both personally and professionally, so I have made the difficult decision to close my patient practice at FOCUS Health Group Inc. With this closure, I will no longer be able to provide your medical care. The last day I will see patients is November 30, 2021 at Focus Health Group. I will be available for appointments until the closing date.

Your health and well-being are of utmost importance to me and my staff at FOCUS Health Group Inc. I encourage you to choose another provider as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted care. Although I cannot select, refer, or endorse a specific provider or organization to assume your care, for your convenience, I am including contact information for some organizations that have provider referral and search tools. These organizations may be able to provide information to help you identify a new provider.

Emergency Care: If you have a medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.


Health Records

As a reminder, your health records are confidential. We will keep a copy of your records for 7 years or as regulations stipulate. A copy of your records can be released to you and/or directly to your new provider with your written permission. I have enclosed a Records Release form for this purpose. You may also download a copy from the web at Please complete and submit the records release form by November 30, 2021 in one of the following ways:

● Via your patient portal:
     o You may complete the records release form online by logging in to your patient  portal and clicking the Questionnaires icon   

        on the right. Under the “Records Release/Coordination of Care” section, select “Start” to the left of “Release Medical Records 

        FROM Dr. Leone”.

     o You may print, complete, and sign a records release form, scan it to your computer, then upload it to your patient

       portal by clicking on the Labs & Documents icon on the right and then selecting “Upload New Document”.

●  Via fax: You may use the attached records release form and fax a completed and signed copy to 866-484-0518.

●  Via mail: Print, complete, and sign a records release form and return it via mail by 11/30/2021. Please mail to 448 Ignacio Blvd #294, Novato CA 94949.

Once your records request form has been completed and submitted, please contact our office either via the patient portal or via phone at 415-484-1240 to ensure receipt of your form.


Records Requests after 11/30/2021
If you wish to receive a copy of your records, or have your records released to another provider after 11/30/2021, please contact our office at 415.484.1240 or visit the web at www.focus- for current instructions.


Patient Portal Access

You will continue to have access to your patient portal records until January 1, 2023.

  1. Never Accessed Patient Portal: If you currently do not have access to your patient portal,

    and have never accessed the patient portal in the past, you may create a patient portal login by going to and completing the steps to register as a new patient in the portal. Or you may call us at 415-484-1240 to request access.

  2. Forgot Password or Username: If you have previously had access to your patient portal and have forgotten your login, you may contact us at 415-484-1240 to reset your login for you, or you may go to the login page at and select Forgot Password or Forgot Username.


Courtesy Transition of Care Call

As part of your transition to a new provider, you can request a one-time courtesy transition of care call between myself and your new provider. I will be providing this courtesy provider-to-provider service until January 1, 2023. To request this service, you may call 415.484.1240, or send us a message through the patient portal. Because your health records are confidential, medical information can only be shared if a completed and signed records release form has been received for this provider.

Transition to Door One Concierge Naturopathic

Although I am closing one of my 2 practices, my medical practice at Door One Concierge Naturopathic Inc will remain open. I am currently able to accept a limited number of new patients at this practice. If you are interested in transitioning your care to my concierge practice, please notify our office either by secure message in your patient portal, or via phone at 415.484.1240. This practice is considerably smaller, with a different service model and costs than FOCUS Health Group, so please inquire with our office about the details prior to signing up.

If you would like to print a copy of this form please click here.

Thank you for trusting me with your healthcare needs. It has been a pleasure to provide your care, and I wish you happiness and health in your future.

Dr. Jacob Leone, ND

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