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Most patients walking through our door have experienced frustration and fear.  The traditional avenues for investigating their symptoms have failed them and after years of searching they are still seeking answers and hoping to be heard.  At FOCUS Health, we won't simply lump you into the most convenient diagnostic box or assume all of your symptoms are explained with a single diagnosis.  Throughout your treatment, we thoroughly review your symptoms and circumstances, making adjustments where needed.  Whether you are new to your journey in complex illness diagnosis and care, or an experienced patient looking for a new approach with more robust care options, our team can help.  


Our strategy to wellness is built on two main concepts:

  • Immune recovery.  Your own immune system is the best tool for your recovery.  We work to support and heal the immune system for long term results, instead of short term symptom relief.

  • Targeted Therapy.  Less is more.  Using targeted therapy to exact the desired results means we can use the least invasive treatment necessary to reach your health goals.  Sometimes doing more, is just simply doing more and does not always result in better outcomes.  Finding a balance in your care strategy is our goal.


Our Approach – Patient Focused Care

  • We Recognize Each Patient Is Unique. That's why we begin by LISTENING TO YOU.  We want and need to hear the story that you may have found other medical professionals unwilling or ill equipped to hear and understand.  There is no "crazy" statement, only your experience which we both value and honor. 

  • Full Differential Diagnosis.  We recognize having the correct diagnosis is critical to positive treatment outcomes.  We do a thorough work up including a full differential diagnosis to rule out any other potential reasons or contributing factors to your set of symptoms.  We won’t simply put you in a "diagnosis box" and consider all symptoms to fall into that diagnosis.  Being thorough at each interaction along the way yields better results for both patient and doctor.

  • High-Level of Care and Attention.  We are relationship focused rather than volume focused.  By spending more time with you, the patient, we are able to provide a higher-level of care and treatment support.    

  • Integrative Approach.  We use an integrative approach which blends the best of breed in natural, traditional prescriptive therapies (e.g., antibiotics), and alternative therapies advanced here and in Europe.

  • Dynamic Care Plan.  We have an agile, dynamic approach that is characterized by close follow-up and guided by frequent assessment of treatment milestones.

  • Individualized Plan.  Building on your personal story, and our investigative diagnostics, we develop a comprehensive plan to meet your individual goals and needs.  There is no one size fits all approach.



  • Collaboration with Your Providers.  Collaboration is one key to success in treating chronic illness.  Therefore, our doctors are open to working with your primary care physician, other established professionals on your care team and additional specialists as needed.

  • Network of Specialists. We have built a trusted network of top specialists throughout the bay area to whom we can refer you and with whom we can work on your case.

  • Internal Collaboration.  Our team holds frequent collaboration meetings with one another to review cases together.


Office & Care Support

  • On Time Appointments.  We value our patient’s time and our staff/doctors' time, therefore we run on time.  Our doctors are committed to being available at your appointment time, not hours after you were scheduled.  We ask our patients to run on time for this reason as well.

  • Access to care.  We recognize that needs may arise between scheduled appointments.  Therefore, we structure our daily schedule to accommodate urgent appointments, as needed.

  • Knowledgeable Support Staff.  Our support staff is knowledgeable about Lyme/chronic illness and in some cases has experienced it themselves.  Their knowledge means you are talking with professionals who understand the unique circumstances and shifting terrain associated with complex illness.


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